My Social Media Pet Peeves

We all have pet peeves when it comes to social media. After doing a bit of a quick survey on tha Twitters and Facebook, I’ve come up with a list of my (and others’) pet peeves in social media. These are mostly twitter related so please feel free to add any that I’ve left out!

1. Posting Twitter updates to LinkedIn. I have mentioned this before in a previous post. Not only does it look lazy, but if I wanted to see your Twitter updates, I’d follow you on Twitter. If I’m already following you on Twitter, I don’t need to see the same thing twice. You can post the same content, just format it appropriately for each medium. Same goes for posting your Twitter updates to Facebook, it don’t-a make-a any sense-a (my poor attempt at an Italian accent) ┬┐Comprende? (Yes, I know that’s Spanish)

2. Unshortened links. Save your character count by shortening your links (by using a website like or tinyurl) It is helpful for those of us who want to share your content.

3. Tweets that are 140 characters. I know that you want to squish as much awesome info. in as possible, but leave some room for the “RT @insertyournamehere” part. You’ll see an increase in those who share your content if you leave space and then we don’t have to edit (MT) your tweets!

4. Automatic DM’s on Twitter. I have also mentioned this in a previous post. It drives me absolutely nuts. I will unfollow you if you send me a message that says “Thanks for following! Please make sure to check out my website or sign up for my mailing list.” How impersonal can you be?

5. Asking for RTs. Yes, we’ve all done it; asked for RT’s to get information out there faster. I’d say it’s OK in moderation, but if you make your content re-tweetable, then you won’t need to ask for RTs. :-)

6. People with inactive accounts. This one was suggested by @ldnontjobs. I find this one particularly bothersome if you’ve ever found yourself wanting a twitter handle and that person hasn’t been active since 2009. (insert loud grumble here)

7. Those with no avatar. The egg picture is old and spammy-looking. Even if you don’t want to put a picture up of yourself (although that would be nice as I’d rather put a face to a handle, rather than one of your cat), pick something so that it’s at least not the dreaded egg.

8. Asking for followers. We’ve all received a “Please follow me” tweet. You look at their feed and they’ve said that to the last 20 or so people. Stop it. It’s spammy.

9. Having an extremely large margin between your follower and following count. I’m referring specifically to organizations and those who are followed by thousands, if not hundreds of thousands and follow 27 people. You look elitist. Just sayin’.

10 a) Use weird apps in order to display/share content. I really dislike it when people/organizations use strange apps to share content. I really don’t want to have to download an app to view anything that you post. I’ll eventually stop looking at your content if it’s inaccessible.

10 b) Those who don’t respond to posts/tweets. Yes, there is a 10 a) and 10 b). But seriously, if you don’t respond to a tweet, why are you on social media? The key to social media is conversation ;-)

Please feel free to add any other pet peeves!

We all want to be Little Miss Sunshine and not Mr. Grumpy!

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