I’m participating in Relay for Life

Hi everyone,

I really wanted to start this with a “whaddup?” but “Hi everyone” was just as good :)

First of all, I’m really happy that you stopped by to see what this is all about. Thank you.

To try and stay brief, I wanted to let you know that I’m participating in this year’s Relay for Life Ottawa Centre.

I am really excited about participating in this year’s Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life because every step I take in Relay raises money to help the Canadian Cancer Society save lives.

Cancer has touched those close to me as well as those who inspire me daily and I’m going to do whatever I can to help eradicate this disease. I Relay for my future as well as yours (as cheesy as it sounds) and the future of those generations who haven’t even been born yet (again, cheesy but true).

This year, I’m also the Relay for Life Ottawa Centre Communications Co-Chair. To set an awesome example to the teams participating in this event, the organizing team has submitted a team to Relay.

So, what am I asking for?

It’d be really awesome if you could donate towards my goal. It’s super easy – just click here to donate.

If it’s not possible for you to donate (that’s OK!) I’d ask that you share this page with 10 of your friends to help me get the word out.

Another way you can help is by liking and following our social media channels:

Like us on Facebook!
Join our event page!
Follow us on Twitter!

Join me now (yes, right now!) in the fight against cancer!!

Thanks for your support! It means a lot!!



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